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Abraham Beaumont of Liverpool, son of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone

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Abraham Beaumont of Liverpool, son of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone

         Abraham and Ann’s sixth child, Abraham, was born on 17 February 1804, and baptized on 19 April 1804.  It was most likely his marriage to Mary Wood on 26 February 1827, one week after his twenty-third birthday, that was noted in the Penistone Parish registers.  His parents may have already been gone from Thurlstone, moved across the moors to Dukinfield in Cheshire.

         Information is elusive, but following their marriage Abraham and Mary may have moved to Lancashire, where Mary died before the 1841 census.  A listing on the 1841 census suggests that Abraham was widowed and living at Mottram-in-Longdendale where he worked as a servant to an innkeeper.  Mary may have died a few years before this census, for there was a death registration for an individual named Mary Beaumont in the March quarter of 1838 in the same district where Abraham lived in 1841. The census-taker on the 1841 census spelled Abraham’s surname Beamont. 

1841 Mottram in Longdendale Census, taken on 07 Jun[3]
On Sheffield Road

    Elizabeth Cook           60  inn keeper                          N
    Eliza Cook                  35                                            N
    Ann Cook                   30                                            N
    Elizabeth Cook           25                                            N
    Jane Cook                   20                                              Y
    Abraham Beamont       40  M.S. (male servant)                  Y

        Abraham must have moved north to Liverpool.  Evidence suggests that he remarried early in 1851 to a woman from Scotland named Barbara Patterson.  Their marriage certificate indicates that they married on 28 January 1851 at the Parish Church of Liverpool and identifies Abraham as a widowed commercial traveler residing at St. James Street, the son of Abraham Beaumont, a laborer.   An individual named Abraham Beaumont was listed on the 1851 Liverpool census.  His place of birth and  his age strongly suggest that he was the son of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone, and could be none other.  Abraham and his wife Barbara had recently married, and they lived in the household of John Green on St. James Street.  

The census described the district as follows:

          All that part bounded by the west side of Saint James Street, and the east side of Simpson Street and the north side of Bridgewater Street and by the south side of Crosbie Street, including part of Kitchen Street both sides.  Including part of Blundell Street both sides, together with Sunday [or Surrey] Court within the same.

1851 Liverpool Census, taken on 31 Mar

At #16 St. James StreetFolio 576, page 48, #151 on schedule
Abraham Beaumont  Married  45  House Servant Penistone
Barbara Beaumont   Married  35  House Servant Scotland 

         When the 1861 census was taken, Abraham and Barbara were listed on Blundell Street in Liverpool. 
Abraham’s age as given on this census conforms more closely to his 1804 year of birth.

1861 Liverpool Census, taken on 08 Apr 

At #13 Blundell St.
Folio, page 24, #114 on schedule
Abraham Beaumont     Married   58 Porter Penistone
Barbara Beaumont      Married   35            Scotland

Abraham’s age as given on this census conforms more closely to his 1804 year of birth.

Abraham died early in 1865 as indicated by the death registration in Liverpool for an individual by that name.  His wife Barbara died late the following year and her death registration gave her age as 52 years,  which must certainly be in error.  Her true age would have been closer to 45 years.

         Research is ongoing to verify that this individual was in fact the son of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone.

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