Beaumont Family History
Beaumonts of Yorkshire

William Beaumont

William Beaumont, cotton spinner                                      Mary Ann Ashworth
Son of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone
Born 01 Mar 1811
Baptized 25 Jul 1811
In Penistone Parish
Died between 1851 and 1861

Married 30 November 1834
In Stockport Parish Church


Elizabeth Beaumont born circa 1835
George Beaumont         born 3rd qtr 1841
James Beaumont          born 4th qtr 1842

            William was the tenth child of Abraham Beaumont of Thurlstone and his wife Ann Hobson.  He was born on 01 March 1811, and was baptized on 25 July of that same year in Penistone Parish.  When his family moved across the moors to Dukinfield, William went with them.  He was about 23 years old when he married Mary Ann Ashworth.  Banns were posted at the Stockport Parish Church of St. Mary’s on 09, 16, and 23 November 1834, followed by their marriage on 30 November performed at the same church by E. Hawell, Curate.  Both William and Mary Ann signed their names to the marriage registration before witnesses Samuel Bevins and John Lowry.

         About 1835, a child, Elizabeth, was born to an individual named William Beaumont.  By 1841, William and Mary Ann had moved north where they appeared on the Failsworth census, living on Old Road.  Oddly, their daughter Elizabeth, who would have been about 5 years old, was not listed with them on this census, perhaps an oversight on the part of the census-taker, or perhaps because she was elsewhere at the time.  Also, the census-taker indicated that William had been born in Cheshire, which was not correct.  The district was described as:

All that part of the township of Failsworth which lies to the north of the turnpike road from Manchester to Oldham, beginning at Mr. Walmsley’s, Canal Bridge, and ending at Mr. Burton’s Chapel House - Dob Lane End, both inclusive, comprising Old Road, New Road, Hardman Fold, Firsfold, Upfield, Dob Lane, Lodge, and Mill Lane.

1841 Failsworth Census, taken on 07 Jun

On Old Road

Folio 5, page 2, line #12

William Beaumont          30    cotton spinner           Y

Mary Ann Beaumont      26                                       Y

            William and Mary Ann still lived on Old Road in Failsworth when the next census was taken in 1851.  This time, individuals’ places of birth were specifically stated, which left no doubt about William’s origins.  William and Mary Ann had added two sons to their family:  George, born in the 3rd quarter of 1841; and James, born in the 4th quarter of 1842.

1851 Failsworth Census, taken on 31 Mar

On Old Road

Folio 452, page 4, #13 on schedule

William Beaumont     H     39   cotton spinner                 YKS Bellroyd
Mary A. Beaumont     W    35    power loom weaver        LAN Ashton u/L
Elizabeth Beaumont        D     15    power loom weaver        CHS Dukinfield
George Beaumont           S        9    scholar                            LAN Failsworth
James Beaumont             S        8    scholar                            LAN Failsworth

         When Elizabeth was married two years later on 02 October 1853, she was described as “Elizabeth, 18 years, weaver, of Astley Street, Dukinfield, daughter of William Beaumont, an overlooker." Elizabeth’s aunt Catherine Cartwright lived on Astley Street, so perhaps Elizabeth lived in the Cartwright household for a while.  Elizabeth’s husband was described as “James Marland, 21 years, a coal miner of Hurst Nook, son of Henry Marland, a miner.”  Hurst Nook is about 2 miles north of Dukinfield.

         William died sometime between 1851 and 1861, for his name did not appear on the next census, and his wife Mary Ann was listed as a widow.  She lived in the township of Hurst with her two sons, George and James, in her daughter’s household.

1861 Hurst Census, taken on 08 Apr
At #16 Hurst Knowle
Folio 5, page 3, #14 on schedule

Mary Ann Beaumont         H Wid 45  housewife                                          LAN Ashton
Elizabeth Marland           MD      25   cotton weaver                                   CHS Dukinfield
George Beaumont              UMS   19    cotton mill mechanic                        LAN Failsworth
Jas. Beaumont                    UMS   18    clerk to cotton waste merchant     LAN Failswort
James Marland                   SIL      27    coal miner                                        LAN Ashton
Wm. Beaumont Marland GS   6    scholar                                               LAN Ashton
Henry Marland                     GS   5    (blind)                                                LAN Ashton
John Edwin Marland       GS   3                                                              LAN Ashton
James Marland                     GS   2                                                              LAN Ashton
Alfred Marland                     GS   8 months                                                 LAN Ashton

         By 1871 Mary Ann Beaumont was no longer living in the Marland household.  Most likely she had died.  The death of a 53-year-old individual named Mary Ann Beaumont was registered in Ashton-under-Lyne in the June quarter of 1868.[ix]

      James and Elizabeth Marland had added five more children to their family by the time they appeared on the 1871 census.  They still lived in Hurst.

1871 Hurst Census, taken 03 Apr
At #22 King Street, Hurst Village
Page 5, folio 88, #26 on schedule

James Marland              H      38 Coal miner                              LAN Ashton u/L
Elizth Marland               W     35                                                   CHS Dukinfield
William Marland               S 16 Coal miner                              LAN Ashton u/L
John Edwin Marland     S 13 Coal miner                              LAN Ashton u/L
James Marland                S 12 Cotton weaver’s helper           LAN Ashton u/L
Alfred Marland                 S 10 Cotton weaver’s helper           LAN Ashton u/L
George Harry Marland  S   9 Scholar                                    LAN Ashton u/L
Albert Edward Marland    S   8 Scholar                                    LAN Ashton u/L
Rebecca Marland             D      6 Scholar                                    LAN Ashton u/L
Joseph Marland               S   2                                                    LAN Ashton u/L
Mary Ann Marland           D    10 months                                        LAN Ashton u/L

1881 Hurst Census, taken on 04 Apr

At N˚ 22 King Street

Folio 109, page 23, #62 on schedule

James Marland           H     48  bookkeeper at coal pit        Hurst

Elizabeth Marland       W          45                                             Dukinfield

James Marland           UMS      22   laborer in rag warehouse   Hurst

Alfred Marland                 S           20   coal miner                         Hurst

Geo Harry Marland         S           19   coal miner                          Hurst

Albert Edward Marland   S           18   coal miner                          Hurst

Rebecca Marland           D           16   cotton weaver                     Hurst

Joseph Marland             S            13   cotton piecer                      Hurst

Mary Ann Marland         D            10   scholar                               Hurst

Kate Marland                 D             7   scholar                                Hurst

Henry Marland              S          6   scholar                                 Hurst

Alexander Marland       S          3                                                Hurst

Eugenie Marland           D            1                                                 Hurst


George, son of William and Mary Ann Beaumont

            George was born in Failsworth during the third quarter of 1841, the oldest son of William Beaumont and his wife Mary Ann, formerly Ashworth.  He lived at home with his parents at least until his father died sometime between 1851 and 1861.  When the 1861 census was taken, George was 19 and living with his mother and younger brother James in the home of his sister Elizabeth Marland.

         Around 1870 George married a woman named Martha.  The most likely marriage that has been located for him was to a woman named Martha Andrew that took place in the first quarter of 1869.  The marriage was registered, however, in the Wortley district of Yorkshire, which seems odd since George’s immediate family lived in Lancashire.  Support for the assumption that this was indeed his marriage is found on the censuses.  The censuses that would follow consistently gave the birthplace of George’s wife as Bredbury.  And a young woman named Martha Andrew, daughter of Henry and Jane Andrew of Bredbury was listed on the 1861 census.  Her age is consistent with that of George’s wife, so it may be assumed that the Wortley marriage was for George, the son of William.

The following year, George and Martha must have lived in Gand, Belgium, for their son Julian G.W., was born there.  By 1871 George and Martha lived in Liverpool where they were listed on the census.

1871 Liverpool Census, taken on 03 Apr

At #53 Bridgewater Street

Folio 166, page 9, #27 on schedule

George Beaumont                  H   29  warehouse foreman             LAN Manchester

Martha Beaumont             W   21   wife                                  CHS Stockport

Julian G W Beaumont             S    5 months                                 Belgium (Gand) British subject

When the next census was taken ten years later, George was a rag merchant, living once again in Manchester.  The neighborhood was described on the census as:

 Left-hand side of Henhurst Street from Queen’s Road, along the boundary line which runs behind “Andrew’s Dye Works” and across one end of “Andrew’s Reservoir” to a point at the corner of Turkey Lane; left-hand side of Rochdale Road from Turkey Lane to Queen’s Road; left-hand side of Queen’s Road from Rochdale Road to Henhurst Street comprising all the houses, courts, &c within the aforesaid boundary.

 1881 Manchester Census, taken on 04 Apr

At #756 Rochdale Road

Page 5, folio 6, #26 on schedule

George Beaumont           H   39   rag merchant (master                      LAN Failsworth

Martha Beaumont       31    employing 15 hands)                CHS Bredbury

Julian G.W. Beaumont   S 10    school                                    Belgium (Brit. Subject)

Mary J. Beaumont           D      8    school                                               CHS Dukinfield

James A.E. Beaumont    S       6    school                                        LAN Manchester

Eugenie Beaumont         D       3                                                              LAN Manchester

             George died the following year on 23 August 1882 and his death was registered in the Fylde district for the quarter ending in September.  He was only 41 years old.  The administration papers for his will, granted at Manchester on 01 November of that year, stated the following:

Administration of the personal estate of George Beaumont late of 756, Park Villas, Harpurley, Manchester in the County of Lancs, who died on the 23rd August 1882 at Blackpool; was granted at Manchester on the 1st Nov 1882 to Martha Beaumont of 84, Queen's Rd, Miles Platting, Manchester, widow and relict. Personal estate £456.

            Martha was listed as a widow when the next census taken in 1891.  She lived on Hamilton Street in Manchester with her nearly grown children and a tot of three years old identified as her daughter.  Julian was listed by his middle name, George.  Martha’s oldest daughter, Mary Jane, worked with fustian, a heavy cotton twill fabric.  And Eugenie, who should have been about 13 years old, was not listed in the household.  No further record of her has been located.  She may have died.

1891 Manchester Census, taken on 06 Apr

At #271 Hamilton Street

Folio 99, page 10, #531 on schedule

Martha Beaumont        Wid H 42                                                           Bredbury

George Beaumont     S           20  warehouseman                           Belgium

Mary Jane Beaumont   D          18  fustian cutter                                Dukinfield

James Beaumont       S           16  dyer’s apprentice (cotton)           Manchester

Hannah Beaumont    D            3                                                       Manchester

             Julian/George married a woman named Laura.  It must have been his marriage to Laura Hughes in the second quarter of 1892 that was registered in Manchester, but he apparently gave his name only as George, as he was listed on the 1891 census.

      Martha must have died sometime during the next ten years because she was apparently not listed on the 1901 census.  Her son Julian G.W. (George) lived in Manchester with his wife and children, as follows:

 1901 Manchester Census, taken on 31 Mar

At #2 Wilkinson Street

Folio 22, page 35, #201 on schedule

Julian G W Beaumont   H   30  foreman cotton rag trade Belgium British subject

Laura Beaumont                 W  31                                                    Manchester

Eugenie Beaumont             D     7                                                    Manchester

George E Beaumont           S   3                                                    Manchester

      Like his father before him and his Uncle James, Julian died young, at age 36.  His death was registered in Manchester in the March quarter of 1907. 

James, son of William and Mary Ann Beaumont

         James was the second son of William Beaumont and his wife Mary Ann, formerly Ashworth, born in the 4th quarter of 1842.  Like his older brother George, James lived at home until his father died, and then moved with his mother into the household of their sister Elizabeth.

         Late in 1868 James married a woman named Sarah Ann Dennerley as indicated by their marriage registration in Ashton-under-Lyne.  Sarah Ann was the daughter of James Dennerley and his wife Ann, who lived on Victoria Street in Ashton-under-Lyne.  When the 1871 census was taken James and Sarah Ann lived in Manchester where he worked as a commercial clerk.  They’d had two children: Emma J. born about 1869 and William H. born about 1870.

1871 Manchester Census, taken on 03 Apr

At #303 Bradford

Folio 13, page 22, #97 on schedule

James Beaumont          H    28  commercial clerk                          LAN Failsworth

Sarah A Beaumont       W    24                                                       LAN Gorton

Emma J Beaumont       D      2  scholar                                            LAN Ashton

William H Beaumont   S       1                                                            LAN Manchester

            Ten years later the census indicated that James and Sarah Ann must have lived in London for a while in the early years of their marriage.  Their son William must have died, but their third child, Christine, was born there around 1872.  By 1881, James was living with his family in Cheetham where he was a rag merchant, and evidently a prosperous one at that.  He had a large household that included a servant and a nursemaid.  It seems likely that James and George worked together as rag merchants, perhaps in a sort of partnership.

1881 Cheetham Census, taken on 04 Apr

At #35 Elizabeth Street

Page 22, folio 60+, #96 on schedule

James Beaumont             H         38  rag merchant                         LAN Failsworth

Sarah A. Beaumont         W         32                                                    LAN Gorton

Emma J. Beaumont    D         12  scholar                                      LAN Ashton u/L

Christine Beaumont    D       9  scholar                                 London

Alexandra Beaumont  D       7  scholar                                 LAN Manchester

James Beaumont              S        4  scholar                                    LAN Manchester

John Beaumont                S        2                                                    LAN Manchester

Beatrice Beaumont          D       1                                                     LAN Cheetham

Rose A. Beaumont           D       7 months                                      LAN Cheetham

Betsy Westwood  Wid Vstr    40  general servant                      CHS Northwich

Emma Nuttall       UM Svt      26  general servant                      LAN Manchester

Annie Hestleth      UM Nrs     18  general servant                      LAN Bolton

            Like his brother George, James died young, at age 40, on 28 March 1883.  His will, proved in Lancaster, Lancashire, on 25 April of that same year stated the following:

James Beaumont formerly of 35, Elizabeth St. Cheetham, Nr Manchester but late of Belmont, Station Rd. South Shore, Blackpool, Lancs; Rag Merchant who died on the 28th March 1883 at Cheadle, in the County of Chester. Will was proved at Lancaster on the 25th April 1883 by Sarah Ann Beaumont, widow, the relict and sole Executrix. Personal estate £1,770.

            Both George and James had died young, each leaving a widow in her early middle years with a family of children, and a rather prosperous business without someone to run it.  Sarah Ann and her family were listed on the 1891 census.  Her daughter Alexandra was not at home, as she was listed in the household of her maternal aunt.

         Sarah Ann’s daughter Christine may have now preferred to be known as Mary Elizabeth.  Her birth registration in the last quarter of 1871 in Camberwell gave her full name as Mary Elizabeth C Beaumont.  And she was the only child of James and Sarah Ann born in London.  So the young woman named Mary E, born in London, who was listed in Sarah Ann’s household in 1891 must have been Christine.

1891 Ashton-under-Lyne Census, taken on 06 Apr

At #119 Welbeck Street

Folio 22, page 37, #239 on schedule

Sarah Ann Beaumont     Wid H 42  living on her own means      Gorton, Manchester

Emma Jane Beaumont   D     21                                                 Ashton-under-Lyne

Mary E Beaumont               D     18  governess                                 London

James Beaumont                 S     14  scholar                                       Manchester

John Beaumont                   S     12  scholar                                       Manchester

Beatrice Beaumont        D     11  scholar                                    Manchester

Rose Beaumont                  D     10  scholar                                       Manchester

Florence Beaumont       D     6  scholar                                         Ashton-under-Lyne

         Alexandra was listed in the household of Arthur Moors and his wife Elizabeth, who was Sarah Ann’s sister.  Alexandra’s grandmother, Ann Dennerley, also lived with them.

 1891 Ashton-under-Lyne Census, taken on 06 Apr

At Launton Road #13 Vulcan Terrace

Folio 130, page 5, #26 on schedule

Arthur Moors                    H    41  traveller (C.T.)                           LAN Ashton

Elizabeth Moors               W   40                                                    LAN Openshaw

Mary J Moors                   D     20  hat trimmer                               LAN Ashton

Ann Dennerley                GM  75                                                    LAN Gorton

Lavina Bradley                Nce  20  reeler cotton                              LAN Ashton

Alexandra Beaumont Nce  17                                                    LAN Manchester

         Five years later Alexandra married Jackson Fletcher.  Their marriage was registered at Ashton-under-Lyne in the second quarter of 1896.  They were married for only a few years, however, before Jackson died in the second quarter of 1899 at age 32.

         Alexandra was listed two years later on the 1901 census living in Dukinfield with her son and her sister Beatrice.

1901 Dukinfield Census, taken on 31 Mar

At #29 Peel Street, #149 on schedule

Alexandra Fletcher   Wid H 27  grocer & beerseller               LAN Ashton

John Fletcher           S        3                                                 LAN Ashton

Beatrice Beaumont Sis         21                                                    LAN Ashton

            It was probably Alexandra’s death that was registered at Prestwich in the third quarter of 1907.  Her name was given as Alexandra Fletcher, with a reference to Jackson, and her age was stated to be 32 years.

         As for Christine/Mary Elizabeth, she was listed on the 1901 Manchester census, the head of the family living on Mary Ellen Street with her younger brothers and sisters, and a 9-year-old child named May.

1901 Manchester Census, taken on 31 Mar

At #15 Mary Ellen Street

Folio 22, page 36, #211 on schedule

Mary E Beaumont      UMH     29  [no occupation given]        London

James Beaumont           UM Bro 24  joiners laborer                     Manchester

John Beaumont              UM Bro 22  packer cotton rags              Manchester

Rose A Beaumont          UM Sis   20  shirt machinist                    Manchester

May Beaumont                D          9                                              Ashton-under-Lyne

         And James and Sarah Ann’s youngest daughter Florence died at age 15 in the third quarter of 1900.  Her death was registered in the Chorlton district.

         Emma Jane had lived with her mother when the 1891 census was taken and her surname had always been listed on the censuses as Beaumont.  In the September quarter of 1893 Emma Jane married Walter Ashton, and their marriage registration at Chorlton gave her maiden name as Dennerley.

         A family descendant located an entry in the parish register for Emma Jane’s marriage on 31 July 1893 at St James Church in Gorton near Manchester.  It stated that Emma Jane Beaumont was a 25-year-old spinster residing at 18 Railway Street in Gorton, and Walter Ashton was a 25-year-old bachelor joiner of 8 Railway Street.  The name of Emma Jane’s father was difficult to read, but it appeared to be James.  Walter Ashton’s father was John Ashton, a chemist.  Mary and Christine Beaumont witnessed the marriage.

         Emma Jane and Walter Ashton were listed on the 1901 census in Gorton with their children.

1901 Gorton Census, taken on 31 Mar

At #21 Ruth Street

Folio 154, page 4, #28 on schedule

Walter Ashton            H   32  joiner                    CHS Mottram

Emma Ashton             W  32                                LAN Ashton

Herbert Ashton           S   7                                LAN Gorton

Lilian Ashton                   D     6                                LAN Gorton

Fred Ashton                     S   4                                LAN Gorton

Lina Ashton                     D     2                                 LAN Gorton

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